After School Program


Transported After School Martial Arts Program

We teach Taekwondo. Every child begins at white belt and progresses through the martial arts curriculum onto higher belts. Children perform their curriculum to their parents when they advance to the next belt. Parents are often surprised by how much their children learn and accomplish during our after school programs. The goal is for children to one day reach black belt!

  • Only accepting students from grade one and up
  • Pick up from your child’s school available
  • Program includes taekwondo lessons
  • Cost is $85 per week for one child or $75 each for 2 children
  • Servicing Mississauga, Oakville and South Brampton schools
  • Homework, Arts & Crafts or Games and Computers between classes
  • Pick up by 6pm

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After school martial arts program fees

Tuition is paid bi-weekly every second Monday by void cheque or credit card. Tuition is halted during Christmas vacation and March break.

We offer camps during the holidays and March break, as well as eight weeks of summer camp. Registration for our camps is separate from our After School Martial Arts Program.

It’s assumed your child won’t be returning in September unless you re-register them in May.

Cost per week is $85 for one child or $75 each for two children. Cost includes transportation, daily snacks and martial arts classes.

New students must have a martial arts uniform that they wear only to class. Each child will have their own cubby where their uniforms are kept throughout the week. All martial arts uniforms must be taken home on Fridays to be washed and then brought back on Mondays.

Schedule a Tour!

Interested in our after school program? Check if we pick up from your child’s school below and schedule a time to come in for a tour of our facilities.

All information is 100% private and will not be shared or sold. We never send junk email.

Who attends our after school program?

We offer our after school program for Mississauga, Oakville and South Brampton students from grade one and up to grade 8. We pride ourselves on our safe and friendly atmosphere. In martial arts training, it’s extremely important everyone behaves with kindness and respect. We group Taekwondo classes by age as best we can and try to ensure there’s no inappropriate language or behaviour. Staff watches the students to ensure that noone experiences bullying or exclusion. We do our best to make sure every child has a positive experience. Magnitude is a place where friendships are made and where the staff cares for the children like they’re our own.

How do children attend our after school martial arts programs?

We pick up children for our after school classes with our Magnitude busses or mini-vans and bring them to our facility, as soon as they’ve been dismissed from school.

When do we offer the program?

Our after school program is offered full time, Monday to Friday. Registration begins in May for the following term beginning in September. Enrolment is for the school year, September until the end of June. However, acceptance may be considered throughout the school year if space is available.